Standard Base with or without wheels.
This is a free standing base for centre pole umbrellas and is available with or without wheels and is ideal for tiled and paved areas.
  Hole and Pole
This arrangement is ideal for grassed area and around swimming pools. It consists of a steel tube which is bedded into the ground with concrete (the ‘Hole’) and another smaller diameter tube which slides into the ‘Hole’ when the umbrella is used.  Several ‘Holes’ may be placed in various positions in the garden.
Another option is to simply use the ‘Pole’ and bed it into the ground with concrete.
  90* Wall Mounting
This mounting arrangement is designed for low parapet walls or where concrete blocks are unsuitable for supporting the umbrella. The square upright pole slides over the round pole, enabling 360° rotation of the shade canopy .
  Base Plate
A base plate which can be bolted onto a deck or concrete floor.
  Storage Bracket
The storage bracket mounts onto the garage or storeroom wall with two bolts. The bracket enables umbrella owners to keep the canopy assembly away from the weathering effects of sun, wind and rain.
They are available to store one, three or five canopies.